Chocolate Easter Eggs this Year including some from your favorite candy bars

Chocolate Easter Eggs this year

The Easter selections seem to be in full force now and I had to go see what was interesting.  I am happy to see that while the Christmas candy selection was very disappointing this year, the Easter selection did have some interesting things. There are some interesting novelty candies as well as a solid selection of chocolate Easter eggs.

Besides our own Choco Treasure Spider-man chocolate surprise egg that is on sale at Target this year (and seems to be selling quite well- thank you very much), there are several other chocolate Easter eggs from your favorite candy manufacturers. While I generally resent when brands like Snickers just put their bite size bars in a plastic egg and call it Easter, in this case they and others made an egg shape bar for Easter as well as the plastic version. There were several versions available and all for around 65 cents.

Flat chocolate Easter eggs from candy bar makersChocolate Easter Eggs

The Snickers Egg came in an egg shape bar. The chocolate on top was impressed with Easter egg looking grooves, at least I think it did, as I had already taken a bite before I saw them. The egg itself was pretty good and tasted pretty much like a traditional Snickers bar. Overall a nice treat.

The Twix bar egg was very similar but a plain chocolate egg shape with a cookie and caramel center.  Perhaps it was the shape but the overall quality did not seem up to a normal Twix bar. But still a reasonable treat for 64 cents

The Milky Way egg was a bit of a surprise. While it said it was a bunny on the front, it was in the egg section and to my dumb surprise, was actually a bunny image imprint on the top of the chocolate. Besides that, it seemed to be a lower class version of the Milky Way bar called Simply Caramel with very little stuff in a chocolate shell. Not my favorite version of a Milky Way bar.

Finally, there was the ever popular Reese’s chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Egg. This is hard to get wrong and it did not surprise. It was full of delicious peanut butter of course, but similar to the other Easter egg versions of bars, simply do not live up to the original. While the peanut butter was fine, the chocolate coating was much thinner than you might get with a Reese’s cup and therefore the peanut butter overwhelmed the chocolate. I like how the thicker chocolate of the cup holds its own in flavor with the peanut butter inside. In the chocolate Easter egg, it is not the same balance. Also, while the other generally designed the chocolate on top, Reese’s was plain.

That outlines the candy bar versions of chocolate Easter eggs. We will visit other Easter candies in the next couple of posts. Thanks for reading.

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