Fun Sports Candy for Super Bowl

Choco Treasure Chocolate Surprise Football

Delicious Chocolate Surprise Football with a sports toy in every ball

Fun Sports Candy for Super bowl – Great ways to sweeten your party

Every year I try to find great sports candy treats for a Super bowl party.  While there are many snacks oriented for such events, there tend to be very little in the candy department to excite the candy lovers. Sports candy would seem to be the perfect thing to have to excite and amaze your guests. There are all sorts of candy for every other Holiday, but there remains very little for Super bowl. But there are a few fun candies that are usually appreciated.

Choco Treasure Surprise Sports

Choco Treasure Sports chocolate surprise balls are one of my favorite sports candy. Reminds me of the old Wonder Ball from Nestle when it had a toy inside. But I do not recall Wonder Ball looking like a football. Choco Treasure chocolate surprise balls are fun wrapped sports themed chocolates that come in three different ball designs, including a football. Each one has a yummy outside shell of chocolate and the inside is always a fun toy surprise that is sports themed. The best part for most kids is opening them to see what fun toy surprise is inside. In addition to figurines, there are stickers, puzzles, 3D puzzles, spinning tops and squirt toys, all of which are sports themed. While the kids love the toy surprise, the adults usually get to eat the chocolate. A win-win if I ever heard of one.

Madelaine Milk Chocolate Footballs

Madelaine makes some very good simple chocolates wrapped to look like footballs. Simple solid chocolate in the shape of a football that is perfect to fill a bowl on the table. These footballs are made of very good chocolate and look cute as part of any Super Bowl celebration. But keep them out of reach so you do not eat too many.

Palmer Football

Palmer also makes small chocolate sports balls that are mixed together with soccer, baseball, basketball as well as footballs which are inexpensive but I like the football alone for this particular party. Also, Palmer makes a small peanut butter football that is hard to refuse that comes in a mesh bag.

Palmer makes their traditional large chocolate hollow football as well. It is crispy chocolate, more candy like than chocolaty but very sweet. I like to put a few on a platter and let people break off pieces as the game goes on. I have also had a few shatter on deep pass plays in my kitchen.

Football Lollipops

Fun Football Lollipops

Tasty Lollipops in the shape of a football


On the candy front, there is always the simple football lollipop. There are several in the market, but they all have a similar taste and design and they all look very good grouped together in a bowl.

See’s Rocky Road Football

The famous See’s candy make a large size Rocky Road Football. This is a nice sports candy to display. The rocky road with chocolate, walnuts and marshmallows is always a tasty treat during football games. The only problem that I have is deciding if I should slice it beforehand, or let others slice themselves. If you slice it, it does not look like a football, so I usually leave people to their own devices. It is sports candy after all.

Here are some fun and tasty sports themed candies and chocolate that you can put around the house either for entertaining at a Super bowl party or just for your own eating pleasure. It always seems to make the playoffs and the Super bowl itself more festive. Enjoy!

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