What happened to Christmas Candy?

Who Stole My Christmas Candy?
I recently went shopping for the all important stocking stuffers. While there were literally millions of knick-knacks for a dollar, I was shocked and saddened by the lack of good fun Christmas candy. Of course, there was a wall of candy canes in every color and size and, of course, there were many chocolate gift boxes.  There was also a lot of bagged candy with the same ole cast of characters from other Holidays. The only difference is that the bag of generic candy bars had a Christmas tree on it instead of a bunny or ghost. Great for an Advent calendar, but outside of this, there was very little fun Christmas candy or kids Christmas chocolate to surprise the kids with.
Christmas Tree Push Pop Candy
But after what seemed like an exhausting treasure hunt to fill the stocking, I was able to find one box of the good old traditional candy coal. No stocking should be without the black coal of naughtiness to keep your youngster appreciative. There was also a nice version of the old standby “Push Up Pop.” There were the same flavors, but two three different toppers, including a Santa and a Christmas tree.
Pooping Reindeer 
I also found a fun version of a Christmas candy pooping reindeer. While the candy pooping part is always fun, this one also played Jingle Bells every time you touched or shook its head. While fun for the first five minutes on the way home, I then started to dread every bump on the road.
So with only these small reminders of fun Christmas candy, my stocking will be mostly toys again.
Let me know if anyone found any other fun Christmas candy items for kids to put in the stocking!
Happy Holidays!
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