A Short History of Easter Eggs and Delicious Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chocolate Easter Eggs – The Beginning of a Delicious Tradition

While Easter eggs have been around since almost the beginning of time, the chocolate Easter egg did not appear until the technology to mold chocolate was invented. Of course, the moment the ability to mold chocolate was discovered, the chocolate Easter eggs was very quickly added to the Easter season and has become a delicious part of every Easter.

History of Easter Eggs

It turns out that Easter itself started as a pagan ritual of spring time and the rebirth of life (and good weather). The egg  symbolizes  the beginning of life and since early times, Easter eggs were decorated as a form of respect for new life. The Easter Bunny himself was another important symbol of life as they are known for having so many babies.  The tradition was that the Easter Hare (Bunny) laid his Easter eggs for children who were good.  Hard to believe anyone every really thought that a Bunny laid eggs. Fortunately for all fans of the Easter egg hunt, a tradition that started with the Bunny leaving his eggs in a basket turned into a game for his randomly laid colored Easter eggs.

The Wonderful introduction of Chocolate Easter Eggs

Of course, candy and sweets were always a part of any Holiday. Early Saxon Spring celebrations included hot crossed buns. But as European chocolate manufacturers learned how to make and mold chocolate, the first chocolate Easter egg appeared in the early 1800s. It was, of course, solid chocolate and probably not very sweet. But over the next hundred years, better tasting chocolate and better molding techniques made chocolate Easter eggs a staple. In 1875, Cadbury made his first chocolate Easter egg and by 1893 Cadbury had 19 different lines of Easter chocolate including chocolate Easter eggs. In 1805 Cadbury developed his Milk chocolate, which became very popular and helped make the new tradition of chocolate Easter eggs even bigger.

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