A Sweet Guide to Yuletide – A History of Christmas candy, Part III

A Sweet Surprise!

Perhaps one of the most beloved Christmas candy categories is the candy with the surprise inside. In 1974, the Italian company, Ferrero began production of the KINDER SURPRISE, the chocolate egg with a toy surprise inside. Over the years, however, the eggs have been banned by the FDA on account of their small, plastic contents which proved unsafe for children. In fact, during 2011, U.S. border controls seized 60,000 Kinder Surprise eggs.

Choco Treasure Chocolate Surprise Christmas Ornaments

Choco Treasure Chocolate Surprise Christmas Ornaments

Luckily, an American company, Candy Treasure, makes CHOCO TREASURE, a completely legal, completely safe, and completely rich Swiss-chocolate version of Kinder Surprise.  Choco Treasure has a special Christmas edition where instead of chocolate eggs, they have hang-able chocolate ornaments.  The collectible toy surprises inside the Choco Treasure are safe for children of all ages. This Christmas, be on the lookout for a special edition Spider-man superhero ornament series with other Disney ornaments scheduled for future years.  All designed in the spirit of a contraband-free holiday!

A Tradition of… Change

The Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated around the same time as Christmas and has its own highly anticipated candy tradition—the CHOCOLATE GELT. Gelt is a Yiddish word for money, and chocolate gelt is a shiny, foil-wrapped coin first produced in America at the beginning of the 20th century. The real gelt has its roots in the medieval European Jewish tradition of giving alms to one’s schoolteacher during the Hanukkah festival. Eventually children also received coins during the holiday to emphasize the importance of education in Jewish life.

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